Home Exterior Makeover Costs

exterior makeover costs


Before you begin planning any home exterior makeover, it’s essential to know what the costs might be. An exterior makeover can run from relatively inexpensive to quite costly, depending on your budget. This list of expected improvements will help you estimate the exterior makeover costs to decide if it’s worth spending money on your house or the condo’s exterior.

Roof replacement

A roof replacement can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000, depending on the size and condition of your home. The average cost was $8,000 in 2018, according to HomeAdvisor.com.

For example, suppose you have a small house with an asphalt shingle roof that’s in good shape but needs new gutters and flashing around vents or chimneys (which is usually part of a reroofing job). In that case, the price could be about $4,500 for both materials and labor.

Suppose you have a larger home with an existing slate tile roof that needs replacing because it has been repaired too often or has sustained damage due to weather events like hail stones or heavy winds. In that case, we’re talking about at least double this amount due to increased materials costs alone — not including additional labor costs associated with such repairs as removing old tiles before installing new ones!

Siding installation

Siding is the exterior covering of a building. It can be wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement, and steel. Siding comes in many styles and colors to match any home’s design style. Installing siding on your house is an easy way to refresh its look without having to make major improvements inside or out.

You can install sidings outside your home, or they may be installed on the inside if you have enough room for them. It can also be attached directly to the studs, which will give more support than installing over existing sheetrock walls that may not offer enough support for the weight of siding materials. 

Window and door replacement

For a typical window or door replacement job, expect to pay around $6000 to $9000. The exterior makeover costs will vary depending on the size of the window or door you are replacing and whether you use an experienced contractor or DIY.

Costs will depend on the material used for your windows and doors. For example, wood-clad energy-efficient vinyl composite (ECV) windows cost more than aluminum-clad double hung but less than steel-clad bay/bow style single hung.

Costs also depend on the insulation in each window frame unit (U-value). Aluminum-clad ECVs can have a U-value as low as .14, while steel-clad bay/bows get up over .4 for their insulating value, which means these styles can save you more money on heating bills.

Exterior painting

The cost of any home exterior makeover depends on a few factors. The first is the amount of paint needed, which will be determined by how large your house or apartment building is.

The second factor is labor costs—or, in this case, whether you’re hiring someone to do the job for you or doing it yourself (if so, make sure to factor in time and materials costs).

The third factor is equipment costs—if renting anything special such as scaffolding or an airless sprayer.

Other considerations include cleanup supplies and disposal fees if using lead-based paints, insurance if painting over stucco, permits if local laws require, and transportation expenses incurred while driving around buying supplies.

Outdoor living space additions


Patio and deck installation

Find the suitable patio material for your space, and decide how you want to build it. If you don’t have a concrete slab or pad, you may want to hire an engineer to design a custom one that meets your needs. Then hire a contractor specializing in patios and decks to construct them on schedule and within budget.

Fire pit installation

When you’re ready for some warmth on those cool nights, consider adding an outdoor fireplace with seating around it. Or add some cozy cushions around the fire pit if possible (but make sure there’s still enough room for everyone). Either way, contact a fireplace specialist for advice about sizing requirements based on the size of your yard or patio area so as not to overwhelm the space. Then find out what materials are ideal for use near living areas like these so they won’t burn quickly when exposed to fire.

Many exterior makeover costs go into making your home beautiful, but this list will help you budget for them

An exterior makeover is a big project that can cost thousands of dollars. You’ll need to budget for various expenses, including materials, labor, and permits. The total will depend on the size of your home and what you’re trying to accomplish with your renovation.

Before you begin planning your renovation, ensure you know how much it will cost by getting multiple estimates from contractors specializing in this kind of work. They may also be able to offer advice about whether certain materials or designs are worth the price tag (and if so, which ones). It’s also essential that these experts are reputable — don’t choose anyone with poor reviews or complaints against them!


We hope this list has helped you figure out your home exterior makeover costs. There are many great reasons to invest in your home, but if you want it to look beautiful and be all it can be, you need to invest in some good siding, paint, and windows. The good news is that we have a great contractor who will do this work for us at an affordable price!