Innovative Technologies to Add to Your Next Home Renovation

Home renovation

Home renovation is a great way to improve the value of your home and make it more energy-efficient. Adding the right technology can increase the efficiency of your home and make you more comfortable while also saving you money over time. Here are four innovative technologies that you should consider adding to your next renovation project:

Use LED Lights

LED lights are an excellent choice for any home renovation. They’re more energy efficient, lasting longer, durable, and flexible. You can use them in many places other than the kitchen!

LED lights have been around since the early 1970s, and they’ve grown to be an incredibly versatile product. They have a wide range of uses today, with thousands of different types on the market — so much so that choosing one can be overwhelming.

Today’s LED lighting technology has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a blinking indicator light on your computer tower or refrigerator door handle; it’s now used everywhere, from hospitals to homes worldwide!

Build in a Thermostat

One of the most basic ways to increase the comfort level of your home is through temperature control. While running a fan can help circulate air, it won’t heat or cool your house. You’ll need a thermostat to do that.

A smart thermostat connects with you via Wi-Fi and allows you to easily control how warm or cool your home gets from anywhere in the world. Some even let you schedule when it should turn on or off so that everything’s ready for when you get home from work each day.

In addition to saving money on energy bills, smart thermostats also provide peace of mind by letting homeowners know if there is an issue with their HVAC system. Suppose there is high humidity outside during the winter. In that case, they can make adjustments before anything terrible happens, like pipes bursting or mold forming due to excessive moisture buildup from running AC units all day long without properly maintaining filters between uses!

Smart Fridge

Several smart fridges are on the market, including the Samsung Family Hub and the LG Smart InstaView. Both options have Wi-Fi connectivity and a touchscreen display that you can control remotely using your phone or tablet. You can use your device to adjust the temperature within each compartment and activate features like auto-dispensing and door alarm alerts.

The Samsung Family Hub even has Amazon Alexa built right into it! For instance, if you’re running low on milk or eggs in your fridge and don’t want to go out, you can ask Alexa for help by saying something like, “Alexa, please add two eggs from my fridge to my shopping list.” If any items in your refrigerator need replacing soon (such as milk), Alexa will send notifications directly to your phone so that no food goes bad before it’s time.

Install Electric Blinds

Blinds are a great way to add style through home renovation and create privacy. Installing them is a cinch, but you’ll want to pay attention to the type of blinds you buy. The most common electric blinds use less power than their manual counterparts and last longer. They can be controlled by a remote or smartphone app, so you don’t have to get up whenever you want some sunlight or darkness in your room.

Electric blinds come in several styles, including vertical blinds that hang from the top of the window frame (similar to Venetian blinds) and roller shades with slats attached along one edge (like pleated shades). Some kinds even come with motors, so they automatically go up when you open the window and down when it’s closed. You may even find some models with both options!

Connect Your Oven to Your Phone

One of the most valuable and convenient technologies on the market is an oven that connects to your phone. This technology allows you to control and monitor your oven remotely, which makes it perfect for busy homeowners who don’t have time to check on their food or take it out at just the right time.

It also allows you to set a timer for your food and check in on the temperature inside the oven from anywhere in the house or even outside of it. This can be helpful if kids or pets are running around or if someone else is crowding the kitchen before dinner is ready.

You can use this technology with any cooking appliance—it doesn’t matter if you’re using an old-fashioned stovetop range or a newer electric model with all sorts of fancy features like “smart” controls and self-cleaning modes (not recommended).

Install Water-Saving Devices

To save water and money, install a water-saving device. These devices use less water to perform their tasks while still getting the job done. Some examples of these devices include low-flow toilets, faucet aerators, showerheads, energy-efficient water heaters, and more.

Anyone with basic tools like screwdrivers and wrenches can easily install these products. It’s a good idea to get an expert opinion if you’re installing one of them for the first time to ensure compliance with local regulations regarding plumbing code requirements that may have changed since your home was built or renovated last.


If you’re looking to add some techy-cool gadgets during your next home renovation, we’ve got quite the list of ideas for you. You can do these things in a matter of days or weeks and will improve your life (and the lives of anyone living with you) significantly! If anything, they’ll make things easier and more convenient and adds value to your home should you decide to sell.