7 Ideas to Make Your Home Cozier for the Holidays

Make your home cozier with Christmas decorations

We’ve been in the holiday spirit here at our house. We have wreaths on the doors, candles in every room, and soft blankets on our couches. If you’re looking to make your home cozier for the holidays as well, here are seven ideas for making your space feel warm and welcoming:

You can’t go wrong with a classic wreath on the front door

Whether seeking a quick and easy way to spruce up your home for the holidays or do a full-on holiday makeover that will leave guests in awe, getting a wreath is always a good idea. A wreath can be made from many materials, including pine cones, fresh greenery, silk flowers, or faux fruits. Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes—small ones that can adorn your door or large ones that can fill up an entire wall.

Bring out the tablecloths and runners

Bring the tablecloths and runners for the dining room, kitchen, or coffee table. Tablecloths don’t have to be reserved for formal dinner parties; they can be used in any homeroom to add color and ambiance. From modern colors like green to traditional hues like red and white, there is something for everyone!

Add some comfy new throw blankets to your couch or bed

Adding a throw blanket to your couch or bed is one of the easiest ways to make your home look comfortable and inviting. Throw blankets are great for adding warmth and comfort and a great way to add color and texture to your space. And if you’re looking for an easy solution to make your home cozier for the holidays, a cozy blanket is just what you need!

Before buying throw blankets, you must consider the colors that work best with what’s already in your room. If any of them are dark or neutral tones, opt for something lighter like white—or even better yet: yellow! It’ll give off more light than other colors like blue or green which may seem too dark depending on where exactly they’re placed within the room (i.e., above head level).

Make sure there’s room for guests 

An ottoman is a small bench often used as a coffee table or footstool. Poufs are also small benches, but they’re usually round, and you can place them in any house room. Both are great for providing extra seating when guests are over to watch movies or eat dinner at your place.

I recommend an ottoman over a pouf for most homes because it takes up less space. However, if you decide on a round pouf, make sure to choose one with legs so that it won’t tip over if someone leans against it while sitting down (this happened to me once).

If you’re looking for inspiration on where to buy one of these pieces of furniture (or something similar), check out some galleries below:

Make your home cozier by replacing standard light bulbs

If you’re looking to make your home feel cozier and more inviting, replace standard light bulbs with dimmer ones that give off a softer glow in both floor and table lamps. This will help create a more relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Dimmer lights are also better for reading, as they reduce the harshness of overhead lighting. And even though they don’t give off as much brightness as brighter lights, they can still be bright enough to do tasks like reading or writing at the kitchen counter comfortably!

Regular incandescent bulbs use about 100 watts of energy per bulb—about 10% of an average household’s electricity bill! Dimmer LED lightbulbs use only 10% of that amount.

Stock up on votives and tea lights

Candles are one of the easiest ways to create ambiance in your home. You don’t need a lot of candles—even just one or two can make a big difference. If you’re entertaining guests, use them as an alternative lighting source, so they don’t have to find their way in the dark without tripping over things or breaking something along their path.

Candles also add extra warmth and coziness when it’s cold out (or even just on a gloomy day). They’ll create an inviting space that makes guests feel comfortable and at ease in your home.

If you are having overnight guests, consider putting out fresh towels and an extra blanket

Nothing will make your home cozier than pillows and blankets! If you are hosting overnight guests, have enough towels and pillows for them. This can be as simple as putting out an extra blanket or two. If you need more towels and pillows in your home, now is a great time to do laundry! If your guests aren’t staying long, they won’t need fancy linens—they’d probably appreciate clean sheets on the beds.

However, if they’re going to be staying a few nights and will be using those same sheets for their entire stay (or if you plan on having multiple people sleeping in one bed), it’s best to invest in higher-quality bedding like Egyptian cotton sheets designed for sensitive skin types like yours or theirs!


Preparing for the winter and the holidays themselves is a time for family, friends, and fun. But if you’re hosting the holiday festivities at your home this year, it can take effort to balance decorating, cooking, and cleaning. We hope these ideas will help make your holiday season more cozy and enjoyable!