Tips & Tricks to Create a Hotel Bathroom at Home

Luxurious marble hotel bathroom

When you walk into a hotel bathroom, do you feel like it’s a spa or resort? Enjoyable, right? Maybe it’s the knowledge that someone else has to clean up everything after you. If you want to transfer that feeling to your home bathroom, we’ve got some tips to help you with the transformation!

Include plenty of lighting

When it comes to lighting, you want to ensure that the bathroom is well-lit. This is especially important for the toilet and shower/tub areas, as these are places where someone may be working with their eyes closed or unable to see all that well.

The best types of lighting will be soft and ambient, so they don’t feel like harsh spotlights on your face when you’re trying to read something on the back of your shampoo bottle (or whatever else). The lighting should also be functional so that it illuminates what needs to be seen in each area of the room—like at a mirror or desk—and not just everywhere else!

When choosing what kind of lights you’d like in your home’s bathroom(s), consider whether any specific needs need addressing: if so, try installing halogen lights instead, which won’t cause glare problems while still providing plenty of illumination without being too bright.

Paint the walls in a neutral color

A neutral color for the walls is essential to create a soothing and relaxing space. Choose a lighter color that does not compete with the other elements of your bathroom, such as tiles or furniture. A neutral color will also make it easier to change the decor of your bathroom more often than if you had chosen a more vibrant color like red or green. You should avoid high-contrasting interior colors.

For example, if you want to match the tiles in your shower area with a light grey tile, choose another light grey paint for your walls so that they blend together well without contrasting too much and creating an overbearing feeling in the room. You can also consider using wood paneling instead of painting the walls if you prefer this look over wallpapering them; just make sure it’s not too dark, or else it’ll make everything else darker as well!

Pick out the suitable tiles

Choosing the right tiles is essential to creating a hotel bathroom at home. Choose ones with a neutral, professional-looking color. But don’t forget the functionality. You want to make sure that your bathroom is not only pretty, and easy to clean and maintain, but also easy to repair if something breaks down.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing the right tiles for your bathroom:

Durability – does it hold up over time? What are its pros and cons?

Availability – where can I get this product from? Is it available locally or online only? How much time will it take before I receive my order? Do I need an expert or someone who has no experience?

Price – how much does it cost me per square meter/footage area/unit volume; what else could I buy with this amount of money instead.

A large, freestanding bathtub is an epitome of a hotel bathroom

The tub in your hotel-like bathroom will be the centerpiece of the room. You want to make it big so that it will look more prominent when you are finished with your renovations. It should also be freestanding to use all of your available space for other things (such as a table tennis table). The best bathtubs are ones that hold two or three people at once.

If you have a smaller budget, don’t worry; there are still options! You could even get a single tub—but why not go for something luxurious and get one that fits four people? If this seems like too much space, there are always options like hot tubs or Jacuzzis, which can accommodate more than one person (or even an entire family).

Opt for a vanity with two sinks

There’s no reason not to have two sinks in the bathroom. In fact, it’s one of our favorite features in hotels. The second sink gives you more room to get ready in the morning (or night) and makes it easier for two people to get ready at the same time. If there are only two of you using the bathroom, then great! But say your parent or spouse or roommate happens to be home at 6pm on a Sunday evening and wants to use the bathroom—you can now both do so without stepping over each other’s stuff or having someone else wait outside while one person gets ready.

It also means that you can use one sink for washing your face and hands and another for makeup application or hair washing—which may be especially useful if your vanity doesn’t have any storage space underneath!

Use mirrors to make the room look bigger

Among the first things you notice upon entering a hotel bathroom are mirrors. Mirrors are an easy way to make your bathroom feel bigger—they reflect light and create the illusion that the room is larger than it is. They can also help you check your hair, makeup, and outfit before you head out for the day. Mirrors also add a touch of luxury to a bathroom by making it feel more high-end and modern. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, use one as decoration!

Go for natural elements in your hotel bathroom design

If you’ve ever been in a hotel bathroom, then you are familiar with the cozy and luxurious feeling of natural elements. In your own home, this is something that you can easily replicate.

For example, if you want to create a space that looks like it came straight out of a magazine, use wood paneling in the bathroom to mimic the beautiful wood accents found in hotels worldwide. Another option is using stone or tile accents instead of tiles along with other natural elements like plants and flowers throughout your home’s interiors!


A bathroom is a place for relaxation and comfort, which should be decorated with care. By following these tips, you can create a luxurious space that will make anyone feel like they’re not at your house, but in a hotel bathroom instead!.