How to Make the Most Out of a Small Bathroom?

Small bathroom

Small bathrooms can be tricky. We’ve all been in a situation where the small bathroom is so tiny that just using it feels like a challenge—and sometimes, it’s not even worth trying to get ready! This is why we’re always looking for ways to make our tiny bathrooms feel bigger and more open. But what if you don’t want to lose your precious square footage? No worries! We’ve got tips on how you can make the most out of a small bathroom without making it feel cramped or claustrophobic.

Choose a Wall-Mounted Sink

The first thing to consider when remodeling a bathroom is a wall-mounted sink. Wall-mounted sinks are not only space-saving but can also save you money.

A wall-mounted sink saves space because it has no baseboard or legs that stick out from the wall. A wall-mounted sink also has a smaller footprint than a traditional sink and can be installed above a toilet if you need more storage in your tiny bathroom.

If you plan on installing a new shower in your small bathroom, consider installing one with multiple heads so that each family member gets their spray of water!

Use a Corner Cabinet

A corner cabinet is a great way to save space in your small bathroom. You can use it to store towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom essentials. It can also store cleaning supplies like sponges and disinfectant wipes.

Get a Small Shower or Shower/Tub Combo

If you’re looking for a way to save space, consider getting a shower/tub combo. These are excellent options for families who want to be able to bathe their children at the same time. However, they’re also more expensive than tubs alone and can be installed in very tight spaces—so if your bathroom is large enough, you may want to consider avoiding this option.

Add Built-in Shelves Instead of Medicine Cabinets

If you want to add storage space without adding another closet, built-in shelves are a great solution. You can build them into the walls themselves or add them as an afterthought to existing cabinets and drawers. Shelves are also ideal for storing extra towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials that you must keep out of reach of children or pets. If your bathroom doesn’t have much natural light, but you’d still like some decorating options, consider designing your shelving around empty picture frames—you can use these to display family photos or other decorative items.

Alternatively, if your small bathroom already has enough shelves that you’re running out of space on them (or if they’re just too high up), try placing some on top of cabinets instead. You won’t be able to store anything significant here—but this is great for keeping things like extra toilet paper handy when it needs refilling when guests come over unexpectedly!

Install Shelving Above the Doorway

If you have a door that opens out of your bathroom, consider installing shelving above it. This can be especially helpful if you have an electric door opener because there will be space to store towels, toiletries, and other items. You can install the shelvings between the ceiling and the top of the door frame or directly above it.

Use Strip Lighting for Mood and Task Lighting

Strip lighting is a low-voltage, low-wattage fixture that hangs from the ceiling. You can use it for both mood and task lighting, but it’s especially effective when used as mood lighting. If you have multiple strips installed in your bathroom, they will provide a soft glow over the entire room (see above).

They can also be used as task lighting—like spotlights on a movie set! If you choose to do this, make sure you place them in an area of your bathroom where they won’t get wet or covered by steam from sinks or showers.

Tuck Recessed Shelves Into a Shower Niche

Recessed shelves are a great way to add storage where you want it. You can use them to store towels and toiletries, but they’re also great for storing cleaning supplies. You could even install them in your shower niche and use them to hold extra shampoo or soap. Recessed shelves offer a lot of flexibility because they can be installed anywhere along a wall or in alcoves within the bathroom itself!

If you’re looking for something quick and straightforward, this is one of the best options!

Use Light, Neutral Colors to Make the Bathroom Look Bigger

Use light, neutral colors to make your small bathroom look bigger.

Light and neutral colors help to make a room seem larger than it is. Light-colored walls and ceilings make the room feel brighter and more open, while darker walls can give off a cramped feeling. In addition, when paired with white trim, light-colored tile also gives off an impression of space and openness (plus, it keeps things clean).

To take advantage of these design principles, paint your walls white or beige if possible. This will help reflect natural light into the room. If your bathroom has windows, leave them uncovered as much as possible while allowing more natural light into the area.


A small bathroom does not have to be an uncomfortable place to be. With a bit of creativity and the right design choices, you can make your small bathroom look bigger and brighter than ever before. Choose light colors, get rid of clutter, and use well-placed recessed shelving and strip lighting for mood lighting—all of these details will help make your tiny space feel larger.